Gordon Miller Healed his Ankle Fast

H.E.M. CASE STUDY Gordon Miller and The Spartan Beast Gordon Miller was training for the epic Spartan race, but he had one problem...  a badly sprained ankle! Watch how Gordon applied H.E.M. to heal his ankle FULLY & FAST! H.E.M. CASE STUDY Gordon Miller [...]

A Sprained Ankle and Knee Pain

A SPRAINED ANKLE & KNEE PAIN It may be very surprising to hear that the knees and ankles are closely related, but the simple fact is that a sprained ankle can lead to a serious knee injury or pain down the line... It may sound somewhat [...]

Athletic Shoes that can Lead to Sprained Ankles

ATHLETIC SHOES THAT LEAD TO SPRAINED ANKLES I have a very different approach to shoes than most people. My experience has been that expensive athletic shoes today, for the most part, may seem scientific and modern, but they do not work well with the functionality of [...]

Top 3 Ways to Unlock Athletic Potential

TOP 3 WAYS TO UNLOCK ATHLETIC POTENTIAL I have spent years training celebrities and athletes to get them to the top of their game. Through years of experience, I learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. I have distilled all of this knowledge into 3 easy [...]

Side Lunge

HOW TO DO A SIDE LUNGE The Importance of the Side Lunge The side lunge is an extremely important exercise for improving knee and ankle stability as well as increasing glute strength. It is often overlooked as an exercise, because it involves moving laterally (side to side) [...]

Calf Raises

HOW TO DO CALF RAISES Calf raises are an extremely important exercises for strengthening the ankles and calves. Interestingly, few people actually do calf raises and even fewer know how to do them correctly. So, first, let me just tell why they are so important. The feet [...]

Ankle Braces Increase Sprains


Sprained Ankle Basketball

SPRAINED ANKLES & BASKETBALL 5 Tips to Protect your Ankles A sprained ankle is the #1 most common injury in basketball. Actually, it is the #1 most common sports related injury, period (25,000 a day or 9,000,000 a year). I have played basketball for many, many years [...]

Calf Stretch

CALF STRETCH A good calf stretch is vitally important to the ankles, feet and overall movement. Remember, your feet are what come into contact with the ground and tight calves will severely inhibit your ability to move safely and effectively. That puts your ankles at high risk [...]

HEM Ankle Rehab – Best Treatment for a Sprained Ankle

ONE ANKLE INJURY CAN HURT YOU FOR LIFE AVOID THE #1 MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE ANKLES REMAIN PAINFUL & WEAK* 2,000 FEWER STEPS A DAY, FOR LIFE** 4x MORE LIKELY TO SPRAIN ANKLES*** *J Sports Sci Med. 2015 Aug 11;14(3):556-61. Hubbard-Turner T. **New York Times, 2015. Don’t Just Walk Off [...]

HEM Ankle Rehab Free Download

IS H.E.M. ANKLE REHAB FREE? I have seen a lot of people on the web asking about a HEM Ankle Rehab free download. Of course, everyone loves a good deal and nothing is better than free, right?  But, I would ask you to consider the following points: It [...]

Is HEM Ankle Rehab a Scam?

I have seen a number of posts on the internet asking, "Is HEM Ankle Rehab a scam?" I do not take it personally and fully understand that most people are skeptical by nature. Believe me, I am too! So, let me address people's concerns and explain [...]

Sprained Ankle Rehab

SPRAINED ANKLE REHAB No one person is exactly like anyone else. We are not robots. We all have our past injuries, habits and ways of moving that are unique... Plus, we all have our own fitness levels. And that means, we come to an injury differently than [...]

A Sprained Ankle: The Most Common Injury

A SPRAINED ANKLE A sprained ankle is the most common sport's related injury. They happen across all sports, all ages and all fitness levels. Most people do not think of a sprained ankle as a serious injury. After all, most people feel okay again after 4 - [...]

Derrick Rose : Did Ankle Sprains cause his Knee Injuries?

DERRICK ROSE : DID SPRAINED ANKLES CAUSES HIS KNEE INJURIES? Everyone awaited the return of Derrick Rose with their breath held.  He was one of the biggest stars of the NBA and an entire franchise (Chicago Bulls) needed him to elevate themselves to championship contenders.  Yet, after [...]

Treatment of a Sprained Ankle

TREATMENT OF A SPRAINED ANKLE A good sprained ankle treatment is the most important thing to consider after a sprain.  Most people will tell you to just rest, ice, compress and elevate your ankle until you are able to walk again pain free.  But, most physical therapists now [...]

Healing Sprained Ankles Fully is SO important

HEALING SPRAINED ANKLES FULLY IS REALLY IMPORTANT Most people do not take the time to allow their body to properly and fully heal from an injury.  It takes some persistence and time and you have to give the body the respect it deserves.  But, most of the [...]

A Sprained Ankle can Lead to More Serious Injuries

A SPRAINED ANKLE CAN LEAD TO MORE SERIOUS INJURIES A sprained ankle, if not healed properly, can and very often does lead to more injuries. Most people think a sprained ankle is a minor thing, unless they are sidelined for months. Obviously, it is not as serious [...]

Run Pain Free

RUN PAIN FREE   Yes, you can run pain free, but if you talk to anyone who runs a lot, you will quickly learn that they are in some kind of pain.  It may be their knees, ankles, hips or back, but something is probably bothering them. [...]

Do Basketball Shoes Protect Against Ankle Sprains?

BASKETBALL SHOES & ANKLE SPRAINS Everyone who plays basketball believes that you HAVE to wear high top basketball shoes to protect against ankle sprains. But do these shoes actually protect your ankles?  Well, if they did, then why are people getting 25,000 sprained ankles a day, many [...]

Ankle Sprain Rehab

ANKLE SPRAIN REHAB Sometimes, success can reveal unforeseen issues.  In this case, if your ankle is out of pain in just a few days, you can do too much too quickly.  And that happens a lot with people who use H.E.M. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it [...]

Achilles Tendon Injury

ACHILLES TENDON INJURY Everyone saw Kobe Bryant go down... it was brutal to watch.  He felt a pop as his achilles tendon ruptured.  A rough injury, although this tendon is injured more than any other.  So, why doesn't it get more attention? The achilles tendon is just [...]

How to Heal Weak Ankles

HOW TO HEAL WEAK ANKLES Many people ask if HEM Ankle Rehab is good to use with weak ankles, old injuries, etc...  The short answer is yes, but let's get into why people get weak ankles and how you can both strengthen them and prevent them. [...]

Can a Sprained Ankle cause Knee Pain?

CAN A SPRAINED ANKLE CAUSE KNEE PAIN? How in the world can a sprained ankle cause knee pain? Well, it's actually quite simple. The first thing you have to remember is that the foot and ankle are what come into contact with the ground. If you cannot [...]

Sprained Ankle Rest without Rehab is Dangerous

SPRAINED ANKLE REST WITHOUT REHAB IS DANGEROUS I know what you're thinking...  I'm crazy.  Hold on before you make that judgment, because I promise I can change your mind.  First of all, I do not mean that sprained ankle rest is something you should't do.  You should! [...]

Ankle Pain

STOP ANKLE PAIN FAST Did you know that even after 1 year post injury, up to one third of people still experience sprained ankle pain?  To me, that is a shockingly high figure.  And, if you factor in that over twenty five thousand people experience a sprained [...]

Knee Pain and Ankle Braces


The Danger of Ankle Braces


Should you Rest and Ice a Sprained Ankle?

DO NOT ICE A SPRAINED ANKLE “Ice and complete rest may delay healing instead of helping.”  Gabe Mirkin, M.D., Creator of R.I.C.E. (rest, ice compression, elevation) WATCH THIS DO NOT ICE A SPRAINED ANKLE [...]

Sprained Ankle Types

SPRAINED ANKLE TYPES Before you begin healing, it's important to know the different kinds of sprained ankle types and grades.  But, don't worry, there are only 3 main variations of each and you should have a pretty good idea which is which... Inversion Sprain >> This is [...]

A Sprained Ankle

A SPRAINED ANKLE Check out this stat: a sprained ankle happens over 25,000 times a day.  That's over 9 million sprained ankles every year.  Obviously, a lot of people get them through sports and activities, and it is actually the #1 most common sports related injury. But, [...]

Ankle Rehab

ANKLE REHAB 1) Overcome the Weakness caused by the Injury What are some of the important reasons for good ankle rehab?  With a sprained ankle, the ligaments stretch too far and usually there is some tearing.  As a result, that damage causes the ligaments to weaken significantly. [...]