Scott Malin, N.A.S.M. CPT, is a well recognized celebrity trainer, fitness expert and best selling author.  He created a number of extremely popular You Tube Videos on diet, nutrition and fitness that have received over 7 million views! Scott has also been featured on ABC and KTLA News multiple times as a fitness expert. (Please, see below…)

Scott spent years researching, creating, modifying and perfecting The H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System to ensure maximum safety and results.

Scott first became obsessed with health and fitness when he sustained a serious low back injury playing basketball about fifteen years ago. He began a long journey of learning how to heal himself without drugs or surgery. Along the way, he realized that the best way to rehab the body is to work with its natural healing process instead of against it.

He stripped away the long held beliefs of ineffective treatments like ice and prolonged rest and replaced them with scientifically backed healing strategies that quickly and effectively reduce swelling, bruising, pain while also significantly increasing strength, stability and healthy range of motion.

Scott developed revolutionary, new ways to heal the body, using scientific research as his guide and real world training as his testing ground. The H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System is one of his proudest accomplishments, because it has helped over 50,000 people quickly and fully heal a sprained ankle (or old ankle injury), and enabled them to get back to life & sport with strong, stable ankles that do NOT need ankle braces.

Scott is also the author of six other best selling books, including the best selling 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout, the complete Dynamics of Motion Workout System and the revolutionary S.M.S. Low Back Pain System.

Scott has also had tremendous success working with athletes and celebrities, helping them achieve all their health and fitness goals.

Scott helps his clients dramatically increase their flexibility and strength while also significantly reducing their risk of injury.

Scott’s books have helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve tremendous results in health, fitness and diet.

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Scott Malin’s Best-Selling Books

Scott is also a founder of Dynamics of Nature LLC, and co-creator of the best selling whole food nutritional supplement, VITAFORCE.

VITAFORCE is now a best selling supplement in Whole Foods and other high quality health stores.


Scott’s mission is to help people of all walks of life live a pain free life and transform their bodies back to a state of health and natural balance.