Even though sprained ankles are considered a minor injury (in most cases), compared to a knee or low back injury, ankle sprains can still be extremely painful and slow to heal. In fact, studies show that if you plan to use rest and ice as your healing strategy for an ankle injury, it may take months to heal and in over 30% of cases, they never fully heal. And, even once you are out of pain, the ankle can remain very weak, unstable and at a high risk for re-injury.

The goal of healing a sprained ankle should NOT just be speed, it should also be about the quality of the healing process. That means, while you will want to heal fast (of course), even more importantly, you want your ankle to regain its’ full range of motion with strength and stability, which significantly decreases your risk of future sprains and allows you to move with power, speed and agility just as you did pre-injury. So, let’s take a look at how you can feel dramatic improvements for a sprained ankle overnight.

Okay, so what’s first? You need to observe how serious your sprained ankle is… Do you have a grade 1 ankle sprain, a grade 2 ankle sprain, or a grade 3 ankle sprain?

Is it just a sprained ankle or do you have a break somewhere in the ankle or foot? The only way to rule out a fracture is with an x-ray and we always recommend getting one to rule out anything more serious.

Hopefully, you’re just dealing with a sprain… if so, is it mild (you can walk on it without too much pain) or is it severe (you need crutches to walk, etc)? It is super important to have some idea what you are dealing with right away, because that will obviously affect the healing time. If you have a more mild sprain, the chances are good, with the right healing strategy, you could see a huge improvement in your ankle overnight. But, if you are dealing with a really serious ankle injury (like a ruptured tendon), you will need to be a little more patient.

The good news is that, regardless of the grade or type of ankle sprain you have right now, the right healing strategy will help you heal MUCH FASTER than old, outdated methods that do not work well, like rest and ice.

Healing a sprained ankle fast

I don’t want to get into too much detail regarding ice and why it does NOT work very well for healing an injury in this post, because I want to focus on what does work. But, if you want to learn more about all the ways that ice interferes, and in some ways, actually stops the body’s natural healing response to an injury, please click here >>

Okay, so what can you start doing right away to start healing a sprained ankle overnight? You need to begin an excellent ankle rehab program as soon as possible. You can do ankle rehab on an old sprain too (and it still works), but the sooner you can start healing your ankle, the better.

The first thing you need to do is dramatically increase healthy circulation (hint: ice decreases healthy circulation) to the injury. Typically, with an ankle injury, there will be a lot of damage and swelling in the area. Your body does this to help contain the injury and minimize any more damage by inhibiting movement.

Then, your body races to send lots of healing white blood cells (Macrophages) to the area, which serves two VERY important functions: One, they gobble up and remove the waste from the injury. And two, they help rebuild healthy tissue. Obviously, you want to support this as much as possible if you want to heal fast.

I designed the first two steps of the HEM Ankle Rehab System to dramatically speed up this natural healing process within the body. It’s all about removing waste and getting healthy nutrients and white blood cells into the ankle joint to speed up the quality of the healing process. And in really good news, it works VERY FAST! You can actually feel the improvements immediately upon applying the treatments at home. You do not need any equipment and you can literally do it all from home.

Results you can see and feel

When I say that the goal of healing a sprained ankle is not ALL about speed, here’s what I mean. I don’t want you to have to use ankle braces, tape or wraps after you’re healed. I don’t want you to be slower and more susceptible to injury.

Yes, I want you to heal fast, because I know how important it is to get back to your life and sport as fast as possible. (I hate being injured and sitting things out… it’s frustrating and painful). But, I also know that the healing process should be respected. Give your body the time it needs to fully heal, so you lower your risk and get back to 100%. I want your ankle to actually be STRONGER than it was pre-injury. I want you to be MORE stable, with better balance, speed, agility, etc. And, at the same time, I want it to happen as fast as possible.

But, here’s the thing. I never want you to take my word for it. I want you to see and feel the results as you go through the healing process. You should immediately feel the benefits. You should see your ankle responding day by day as you start to eliminate pain and swelling, while also moving more freely. Just don’t be in too much of a rush. Let your body heal in the right way and you will be so grateful that you did it the right way!

Heal A Sprained Ankle Faster & Better

HEM Ankle Rehab is a complete ankle healing system that works for any new ankle sprain as well as all other types of ankle, foot and calf injuries. I designed HEM to ensure it is safe and easy to do for people of all ages and activity levels. HEM ensures you will be able to move pain free while also significantly reducing the risk of future injury.

HEM dramatically improves the quality and speed of the healing process by supporting and improving the body’s natural response to an injury. You can expect a significant improvement in healthy range of motion in the ankles, feet and calves… you can expect much more strength and stability in the ankles… and you can expect improved overall movement (balance, agility, speed, jumping, etc.).

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