A grade 3 ankle sprain is the most severe and serious of the 3 different grades of sprained ankle. It can mean significant tearing or possibly a complete rupture of the ligaments in the ankle.

If you have a grade 3 sprain, the first thing you should do is get an x-ray to make sure you don’t have a fracture. If you do, your doctor will explain to you that the ankle will have to be immobilized for a while until the break heals. If there is no break, then you should begin a healing rehab program as soon as possible to repair the damage and get back to full health.

To begin, let’s cover the main symptoms of a grade 3 ankle sprain:

  1. Complete tearing or rupture of ankle ligaments
  2. Ankle is extremely unstable
  3. Tremendous amount of pain, bruising and swelling
  4. It will be difficult or impossible to put any pressure on that foot (i.e.inability to walk)
  5. Extremely difficult to move the ankle at all without pain

Grade 3 Ankle Sprain Treatment


The most important thing to remember is that a grade 3 ankle sprain will not heal itself. There will be a lot of damage and if you do not proactively heal your ankle, it can stay weak and painful for years, or even life. There is a lot of research now suggesting that just one sprained ankle can have a significant impact on your overall movement if not fully healed. And since a grade 3 sprain is the most serious, it puts you at even greater risk for long term issues.

Remember, your ankle is the base of ALL your movement, so it is critical to heal it correctly to make sure your ankle and other joints work properly. And so, an ankle rehab program is the best bet to ensure a safe, healthy and full recovery.

In the beginning, you will need to take things very slowly and gently. There’s a lot of damage in the ankle and it will take some time to repair it. Even the slightest movement in the wrong direction can cause a significant amount of pain. One of the most important first steps is to try and get the ankle to relax a little bit. So, make sure your ankle is in a comfortable position for most of the day.

And, as a general note, we strongly recommend avoiding ice, unless otherwise suggested by your physician. A lot of research has recently come out showing that ice is great as a short term pain reliever, but terrible for healing your ankle.

It stops the flow of immune cells as well as shutting off lymphatic drainage. In other words, it slows down and can even stop the healing process, which can prolong your injury by weeks, months or even years. If you want to learn more about ice, please click here

The SECRET to Healing Fast
Great Ankle Rehab


Here’s what we recommend to heal a grade 3 ankle sprain fully and quickly… Most importantly, you need a first rate ankle rehab program that does the following:

  1. Remove swelling from the ankle by improving lymphatic drainage
  2. Improve the flow of the first wave of healthy immune cells to remove waste
  3. Encourage a second wave of immune cells to repair and regenerate healthy tissue
  4. Reduce pain VERY quickly so you can move your ankle safely
  5. Dramatically improve ankle stability for safe movement
  6. Dramatically improve ankle strength for overall protection
  7. Dramatically improve ankle mobility for healthy range of motion in the ankle joint
  8. Dramatically improve balance, coordination and agility for increased athletic performance
  9. Dramatically improve the ability to generate power in the ankles and calves
  10. Dramatically decrease the risk of re-injury without ankle braces, wrap or tape

How HEM Heals Grade 3 Ankle Sprains Fast

HEM Ankle Rehab is a complete ankle rehab program designed to fully and quickly a grade 3 ankle sprain. It will accomplish everything stated above and more…

HEM dramatically improves the quality and speed of the healing process by supporting and improving the body’s natural response to an injury. You can expect a significant improvement in healthy range of motion in the ankles, feet and calves… you can expect much more strength and stability in the ankles… and you can expect improved overall movement (balance, agility, speed, jumping, etc.).

The HEM Ankle Rehab program gets people walking normally again, pain free in 5-10 days and significantly lowers the risk of re-injury. That means you will not need ankle braces, tape or wraps. You will be walking, running and jumping pain free and with full power without the fear of spraining your ankles again.

We made it very easy to do… you can do the entire system at home, without any equipment. Just follow along with the easy step by step videos or ebook (you get both) on any device.

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