If you have weak ankles, that usually means that there was some kind of trauma in the foot, ankle or calf complex and the ankle never fully recovered. But, it may not just be due to an old sprained ankle that never healed…. for example, if you’ve been wearing uncomfortable shoes that limit your movement for years, the ankles can atrophy and weaken. Or, if you’ve been wearing ankle braces for a long time, the ankles can get weaker and weaker, since they are not able to move fully and build strength naturally.

Whatever the reason, if you have weak ankles, your movement will be limited. Weak ankles negatively affect good balance, agility, quickness and can even lead to pain in other areas of the body (i.e., the knees, hips and low back).

How? When the ankles are weak, it makes it very hard to walk and run correctly and pain free. You may start to develop bad movement habits to make up for your weak ankles. For example, you may try to compensate by turning your feet more outward or landing on your heels, but you may not even notice it! Try walking around for a minute and look down at your feet. Are they turning outward?

Just think of this… your feet are what come in contact with the ground thousands of times a day, so changing the angle you hit the ground and push off can have a significant impact on your whole body.

Think of it like this… the feet and ankles are the base of the body. If that gets messed u for any reason, then it won’t be long until the joints above it become affected too (like dominoes)… For example, it is very common for people who have weak ankles to develop knee pain. And that can quickly generate low back pain. Sometimes, people can develop migraine headaches and have no idea why…

How? Well, let’s say your feet start pointing outward (extremely common), because your ankles are weak and your calves are tight. That could quickly put strain on your knees and create pain. That knee pain might force your hips to adjust and tuck under your low back to alleviate the pressure. And if you did that, it would force your shoulders to round forward to keep you from falling backward. And that would eventually cause a lot of strain and tension in your neck and shoulders, which could easily lead to headaches. Remember, everything in your body is connected and moves as one cohesive unit.

In all our years of working with people, we have never met anyone who did not have some kind of issue with their ankles. And when that gets fixed, it takes the strain off everything above it.. So, we believe that one of the most fundamental ways to start correcting any kind of joint pain or movement pattern is to start with the ankles!

How To Fix Weak Ankles

If you have weak ankles, then you have a choice… One, you can ignore it and use ankle braces if necessary, and deal with decreased movement, poor balance, agility, speed and everything we discussed above. By the way, if you rely on ankle braces, we have found it especially very dangerous for the knees. If you want to learn more about that, please click here: The danger of ankle braces.

Your other option is to strengthen your ankles naturally. Of course, this is the route we suggest, because no matter how old your injury was or how long you have had weak ankles, a high quality natural rehab program can really help! The idea is to rehab your ankles and remove any residual waste that may be trapped in there and then go about doing a gentle, but powerful movement program that improves ankle strength, balance, agility and overall movement.

The good news is that a good ankle rehab program can be done at home with little to no equipment. And, it shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes a day, at the most. Also, you should start to see results within a few days as your ankles start to strengthen and shake off all that rust.

We suggest either going to see a good physical therapist or doing an at home rehab program you trust. We developed HEM Ankle Rehab for that purpose, because we know there are millions of people who are suffering from weak ankles and old injuries that will never fully heal with help. But, even if you don’t use our system, please do something so you can get back to doing what you love in life without restriction or pain.

HEM Ankle Rehab

HEM Ankle Rehab is a complete ankle healing system that works for any new ankle sprain as well as all other types of ankle, foot and calf injuries. We designed HEM to ensure it is safe and easy to do for people of all ages and activity levels. HEM ensures you will be able to move pain free while also significantly reducing the risk of future injury.

HEM Ankle Rehab works for any new or old sprained ankle as well as other ankle and calf injuries. We guarantee you will see excellent results or just send us an email within 30 days to receive a full refund.

You can do HEM at home, without any equipment and it only takes a few minutes a day. Just follow along with the easy step by step videos or ebook (you get both) on any device.

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