A sprain is an injury to the ligaments. It typically involves stretching of the ligaments beyond their normal range of motion, which can lead to small tears in the ligament fibers. This generally causes pain, swelling, bruising and a feeling of instability in the ankle joint.

The most common cause for a sprained ankle is an impact injury to one leg from another or from falling onto an outstretched foot with the other leg. The force of this impact stretches out the ligaments on one side of the ankle, while also twisting it on that same side.

The injury may be caused by the twisting of the ankle or by landing on it. It can also occur due to a medical condition such as osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

The common symptoms of a sprained ankle are pain, swelling and bruising at the site of injury. Other symptoms include numbness, tingling and weakness in the foot or toes.

It is important to know the signs of a sprained ankle. This will help you take appropriate action when one occurs.

Signs and symptoms:

  1. Pain and tenderness around your ankle

  2. Swelling and redness

  3. Bruising

  4. Limited range of motion and inability to place your full weight on your injured foot

How to heal a sprained ankle

A sprain is a minor injury, a minor tear. It’s not as bad as a broken bone.

The ankle is a tricky joint, and spraining it can be painful and debilitating. A sprain can happen from stepping on something sharp or from twisting the foot to the side too far.

A person with a sprain will feel pain, swelling, bruising, and stiffness in different degrees depending on how bad the injury is. The good news is that many people recover from a sprained ankle without any complications or permanent damage as long as they heal themselves properly. However, if left to heal on its’ own, a sprained ankle can become a chronic problem that forces you to move less.

In fact, new research suggests you could take a few thousands less steps a day for the rest of your life… So, it is crucial that you heal a sprained ankle correctly. In addition, a sprained ankle can eventually cause other issues, including knee, hip and low back pain, because you will be forced to walk and run differently, which puts stress on the joints above it. The point is this… even though it is a less serious injury than some other joints (knee, low back, etc), you still have to take it seriously and heal it properly.

The key to healing a sprained ankle fully and fast, is doing a good ankle rehab program to improve strength, stability and healthy range of motion. It helps you heal much faster and significantly better based off studies and recent research. he ankle just cannot rehab itself. Without it, the ankle remains stiff, unstable and weak. So, you can either go see a really good physical therapist or try our at home ankle rehab – HEM Ankle Rehab. Over 100,000 people have used it to heal their ankles fully and fast at home. Whatever you do, please take control of your injury and do something sooner than later to help yourself heal fully.

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