Sprained Ankle Treatment

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Sprained Ankle Treatment

sprained ankle treatment

H.E.M. is the best sprained ankle treatment available, because it is the fastest and most complete way to heal a sprained ankle.  Typical results are pain free walking in about 3 – 7 days and significant improvement in the strength and stability of your ankles, which means a much lower risk of future sprains.

Why is H.E.M. the best way to heal a sprained ankle?  HEM Ankle Rehab has been used by tens of thousands of people to successfully heal a sprained ankle FAST and significantly strengthen ankles without needing any equipment. This revolutionary 3 step sprained ankle treatment is easy to do and only takes 30 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home.

H.E.M. works for all types of sprained ankles as well as old injuries and weak ankles. You get immediate access to all the step by step videos and full color ebook, which are viewable on all computers, tablets or smart phones. Plus, you get free & unlimited support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The H.E.M. Sprained Ankle Treatment will heal your ankle significantly faster and better than with other out-dated treatments, like R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). For example, R.I.C.E. has been shown to take a long time to heal an ankle (4 – 8 weeks) and leaves the ankles weak and unstable, which puts you at a high risk of future sprains (read more about R.I.C.E.).

Sprained Ankle Treatment-Study

Clinical research supports the effectiveness of H.E.M.
While we know that R.I.C.E. is NOT effective, we also know that the active rehab techniques in the sprained ankle treatment in H.E.M. are extremely effective and the best choice for helping your ankle sprain heal quickly and fully.

The powerful and safe rehab techniques in HEM Ankle Rehab have been repeatedly shown in research to speed up and improve the quality of the body’s natural healing process.  (Journal of Athletic Training 2013;48(4):528–545, doi: 10.4085/1062-6050-48.4.02)

Here is what you can expect from using HEM Ankle Rehab:

  • Your ankle will heal much faster > typical results: pain free in 3 -7 days (R.I.C.E. can take 4 – 8 weeks or longer).
  • You will not experience residual pain, stiffness and weakness. Instead, you will experience significantly increased strength and healthy range of motion in the ankles.
  • Since, your ankles will be stronger and more stable, you will be at a lower risk of ankle sprains without the need for braces, wraps and/or tape.
  • Your overall performance will increase (speed, quickness, agility, vertical jump) because your feet, ankles and calves are the springboard your body uses to move.
  • Your knees and other joints will be protected, because your movement patterns will be normal and healthy. Stiff, weak and unstable ankles put other joints in the body at risk, because of altered and unhealthy movement patterns.

Please, take a few moments to learn more about the 3 steps of H.E.M. (below) or get instant access to the best sprained ankle treatment available and start healing now…

sprained ankle treatment
Step 1: Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy dramatically speeds up the healing process by reducing swelling, bruising, and pain. All you need is a sink or bath tub and you will immediately notice an improvement in how your ankle feels.  H.E.M. teaches revolutionary and unique hydrotherapy techniques for fast, effective results.  Sprained Ankle Hydrotherapy>>

Step 2: Exercise
Since the ankle will be weak and unstable from the sprain, high quality and safe ankle exercises and stretches are critical for getting your ankle back to full strength. This has the added benefit of improving performance and reducing your risk of future sprains, without needing braces, wraps, etc. H.E.M. contains the most effective and relatively unknown ankle exercises and stretches available to heal your ankle quickly and fully.  Sprained ankle exercises >>

Step 3: Massage
While most people associate massage with a spa, they don’t realize how essential it can be for healing. Massage breaks up damaging scar tissue, and removes harmful cellular waste that builds up inside the ankle.  Massage also helps encourage healthy circulation and the flow of powerful immune cells which rapidly speed up the healing process. H.E.M. contains new and powerful massage techniques and a relatively unknown, but easy to find oil to quickly improve how fast and well you can recover from a sprained ankle.  Sprained Ankle Massage >>