My daughter broke her foot and was in a boot for 8 weeks. She started PT rehab two weeks prior to getting her boot off. The day she got her boot off she tried doing a jump shot at basketball and came down, severely spraining her ankle. It was so bad that she could not bear any weight on it and she was back on crutches. Two days later she still could not put any weight on it and it brought her to tears. I did some research and found HEM rehab.  I went to bed and apparently my daughter stayed up late doing the rehab. I went to go help her in the morning to put her boot on and when I got to her room, she came walking out on her own, no boot, no crutches, and a HUGE smile on her face!!! Hands down BEST money I’ve EVER spent!! I tell everyone about HEM now. Thanks for sharing creating this amazing program!!!!