For most ankle sprains, HEM will get you out of pain and walking normally in about 5-10 days, but some people notice substantial improvements after 1 – 2 days. Before you get back to more rigorous athletics and fitness, we recommend waiting about 10 days to make sure your ankle has healed properly.

For serious injuries (like a rupture of the tendons or complete tear), it may take a few weeks to completely heal, but it will still be significantly faster than using rest and ice as your healing strategy (which would take 3-6 months or longer and will leave you with a chronically weak, stiff and painful ankle at a high risk of re-injury).

While HEM works fast, we always recommend taking the healing process slowly. In fact, many people see such fast results, that they start doing too much, too quickly. Take your time and proceed gently, because our belief is that if you allow your ankle to fully heal, it will benefit your immensely for the rest of your life.