Yes, you can run pain free, but if you talk to anyone who runs a lot, you will quickly learn that they are in some kind of pain. It may be their knees, ankles, hips or back, but something is probably bothering them. And most people just assume that goes with the territory. I mean, if you’re active, your body is supposed to hurt, right? Well, I think that is totally wrong. Being active should not mean pain.

So, why is there so much pain associated with running? Do you realize that human beings have been running for hundreds of thousands of years? We have spent most of our history running over all kinds of terrain for most of our lives. And for a great deal of our lives, we were able to run pain free. And yet, recently, people all complain about pain when running long distances. We used to be able to run a hundred miles or more without any issue. Today, a marathon is considered an outstanding achievement.

Something happened along the way. Obviously, we have become much more sedentary and out of shape. That goes without saying. But, there is actually a more insidious reason for the pain when we run. It actually comes down to our form, which is actually dictated by our running equipment. So, what can we do to get back to a point of pain free running?

Well, it all starts with the kind of shoes you wear. Because, believe it or not, the kind of running shoes you wear will dictate how you run. And how you run will dictate if you can run pain free or suffer. We have a specific chapter in HEM Ankle Rehab dedicated to how to run with good form and protect your ankles, knees, and low back. But, for now, please check out this video…

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