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Sprained Ankle Rehab

sprained ankle rehab

So, what are the best sprained ankle rehab exercises?  Well, no one person is exactly like any other.  We are not robots. We all have our past injuries and way of living. We all have our own fitness level. And that means, we come to an injury differently than anyone else.  Your threshold of pain is unique as is your ability to heal. We cannot approach rehab as if you are a robot and identical to everyone else. your differences have to be respected in order for the healing process to work properly.

So, let’s start with the first obvious question… Do you have a sprained ankle? When did it happen? What have you done so far? We are going to assume it was fairly recent and that so far you have rested and iced it. That is what most people have done. But, maybe, you have an old injury that never healed and you still have weak, painful ankles to this day. Maybe you have weak ankles that are constantly being taped, braced or wrapped? Maybe you are an athlete and you want to get faster and more agile.

Whatever your answers, one thing is for sure… you will want to do a wide variety of ankle exercises to strengthen ankles and heal yourself 100%.

Rehab exercises for a sprained ankle are varying in difficulty. The first thing you have to know is not to do any exercises that cause you pain. If you have a sprained ankle, you have to work very gently in the beginning and make sure you don’t aggravate the injury. But, that doe snot mean you should just be resting. Of course, rest is great, but you also need to rehab the sprain to get yourself back to full strength. rest alone sure isn’t going to make you any stronger. The exercises will build up strength in the ligaments as they heal. Exercises will also help you improve mobility and stability which are also key factors in a good rehab program.

But, just remember not to do ANY exercise that causes pain in your ankle. Soreness is okay, but not actual pain. that is where you are unique and you have to be careful. Doing sprained ankle rehab exercises that cause pain and ignoring that pain will actually make your ankle worse. So, be sensitive and move slowly in the beginning. Before you know it, your ankle will be able to handle much more challenging exercises. In general, ankle exercises will help heal a sprained ankle very quickly, especially when combined with the other techniques in the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab Program.

Here’s another important point… do not do too many exercises. Some people get excited and do too much too quickly, especially when they start feeling better so fast. You don’t want to overwork your ankle. We get emails all the time from people who say they did too much too fast and now they feel worse again. You have to honor and respect your injury. Don’t ignore signals from your body. Again, it is better to take it a little slower in the beginning and make sure you are ready to jump to more challenging exercises. We’re not talking months or weeks, but still, listen to your body as it goes through the healing process. Remember, everyone is different.

So, what we suggest is that you pick some ankle exercises that do not cause pain and do some of them. Then, give your ankle a rest. Push yourself with the exercises, but remember don’t go over the edge so that you end up taking a step backward. A little soreness is okay, but not too much. Go easy the first day or two and see how you respond. It may take a day or a few days until you are ready for more challenging stuff. that’s perfectly okay. It’s your body, so take good care of it.

If you have an ankle injury, we truly hope you will give the H.E.M. sprained ankle treatment a try as soon as possible, because the faster you begin the healing process the better your ankle will recover in the short and long run. It is full of the best and most effective sprained ankle rehab exercises anywhere and has many progressions to help make sure you can begin doing exercises no matter how badly your ankle hurts. And, they require no equipment, so once you download the eBook, you can begin right away.