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by Audrey Toll on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System

I am 81 years old... I sprained my left ankle February 1st, went immediately to the internet, which is what I usually do, and found your program. I really liked what I saw, did exactly what was advised! Had an X-ray to confirm no break. I was badly swollen and, as usual, the medical community cannot give good advice or care, so I started with your program. It didn't take long before the swelling and pain subsided. You have an excellent program, which I have told many people about. Today is the 19th and I am walking easily with some residual swelling, no high heels yet. I think your program is excellent! Thank you.

9 months later

Doing much better 9 months after sprain. My Doctor immobilized, prescribed physical therapy. made things much worse than original injury, now with this program I am in recovery mode. Thanks.. P.S. I also had a wrist sprain and used a few tips for that and my wrist is completely well!

by Anthony Ware, Chattanooga , TN on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
H.E.M. really works

Thank you! I have been limping around for almost 2 weeks now and did all the ice, soaking, ace bandage thingy which did nothing for the pain or the re-swelling after I walked a little bit. I got the program and just wanted to let you know, by the next morning the swelling was down by half! We could not believe how much the swelling went down overnight. Thank you!

by Taylor Mock on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System

I bought the book and WOW! it is so great, I had a mild sprain and now i already feel stronger and more confident in the activities I participate in. Skateboarding is my passion and I skate just about every day. injuries go hand in hand with that I recently mildly rolled my ankle for the third time!! having used RICE before this is way more effective. my ankle was weak from using braces and that also caused my knees to ache. not any more though, with your book I have healed and strengthened so quick, I am not all the way healed but the healing/stretching/strengthening routine has jump-started my healing process!!

My Why, for joining HEM.

My Why, for joining HEM.
Last week my son Eric went hiking Mount Bouchier(Westbank BC Canada) with friends, the rock face they were scrambling up gave way and they came down with the crumbling rock face.
When the dust settled, everyone was ok, broken glasses and sprained ankle were Eric's results.
Eric is a Special Olymics athlete, this sprain looked bad, so on the net I went and found Scott Malin and HEM.
Eric is improving... Day 6, Eric is back to work, sore but not painful.
Great step by step.
Major Thank You!

by Conrad & Marlé Wessels on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
A huge difference within the first 24 hours

Our family lives in Windhoek, Republic of Namibia. Our 11 year old daughter, Celé, has 2 huge and divergent passions in her life. The one is art and the other is hockey (both indoor hockey and field hockey). This year Celé was selected to the Namibian Hawks (A-team) Under 12 Girls Indoor Hockey Team to represent her country, Namibia, at the Pro Series Indoor (PSI) Nationals in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, from 3 to 6 July 2014. And, to top this up, she was elected Captain of her team! You can imagine the excitement of prepping for the tour and tournament and everything that surrounds such a sport tour. The girls trained hard, 7 days a week, and when they beat their U/12 hawks boys peers, spirits were very high!

The bus would leave from Windhoek, Namibia, to Cape Town, South Africa, on Wednesday, 2 July 2014. Bags were packed and supporters on their way to SA. Just after 8 o’clock on Monday morning, 30 June 2014, the secretary at the school that our children attend, telephoned us and informed us that our daughter injured her left foot in PE. When we walked into the reception area we saw utter devastation on our daughter’s teary face. She knew that the injury was bad and worst of all, it was 2 days before the tour! We rushed her to a doctor and from there to physiotherapists and chiropractors, session after session, and they all confirmed what we feared most: she tore or badly injured ligaments in her left foot to such an extent that she would definitely not be able to play hockey for some time, even weeks, and definitely not participate in the indoor hockey tournament. We took to the internet in search of alternative “help” and came across your H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System. We read what was available on the product as well as comments shared by other people on the internet and we bought the product without further ado.

We immediately started with the H.E.M. programme and repeated it as many times as possible. By Tuesday, after only 24 hours of using the system, we could already see an improvement in the use and movement of her foot and the swelling was also already much less. She was however still on crutches and with a full foot brace on her left foot. BUT, we religiously continued with the H.E.M. system. By Wednesday she walked into the physio’s office without crutches, surprising the physio to such an extent that the physio even made Celé jump – which she managed, although still in pain and not yet confident. On Wednesday afternoon, Celé got on the bus as captain of her team. She would not let her team down. If she could only play hockey for 5 minutes of the tournament, even if only by Sunday, she, and we, would be ever grateful.

At first, during the first matches of the tournament on 4 July, while she was on the hockey court, we could see that she was playing hockey in “reserve mode”, but she played well. Applying the H.E.M. system principals as well as proper supporting shoes, gels, etc. right through the tournament, in between and before and after matches, she felt secure enough to continue to play indoor hockey, day after day, throughout the tournament and it went better and better.

On Sunday, by the end of the tournament and after playing and winning 10 matches, winning the semi-finals and winning the finals, her team took home gold medals as undefeated champions of the U/12 girls PSI series, scoring a total of 50 goals and only conceding 3 against them and further, Celé received the award for the best U/12 girls hockey player of the tournament. A total 180 degree turnabout from where we started on Mondaymorning. She was subsequently also elected to the U/13 girls Namibian Hawks A-team to participate in the U/13 & U/14 PSI Nationals which will be held in SA in December 2014.

We believe that a number of factors, including of course the amazing recovery ability of a child only, contributed to the happy ending of this story, but we are convinced that the H.E.M. system caused the expedited healing process as we could already see a huge difference within the first 24 hours and we continued to see improvement every day from then!! After the tournament she went back to physiotherapy, only to confirm that the injury has healed and she is enjoying her hockey more than ever.

Kind regards,
Conrad & Marlé Wessels

by Q from Melbourne Beach on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
Immediate results

I'm a very fit male age 59. Never hand an ankle injury in my life. Was surfing some overhead waves and had a bad wipeout. Was on crutches that night. I applied the techniques precisely beginning that evening and was off the crutches by morning. I still had swelling and pain...but it was reduced by 75%. I was walking normally by the second day and doing a cardio workout within a week of following the protocols daily. Everything you need for taking care of a sprained ankle is in the ebook and videos....including suggestions to get it X rayed if you suspect any broken bones. I've already recommended this to my friends and relatives.

by Joshua Jones on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
It definitely works

I sprained my ankle really bad last Sunday, never go hiking by yourself by the way, falling down a mountain is scary with nobody around to help, haha 🙁 (it's now Thursday) and I started doing the hem ankle rehab program and i can walk on my own, no limping, no ankle stabilizer and no pain, I'm going to continue these exercises and use them on both my ankles to keep both of them strong.

by Kathleen Miller on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
Your program is wonderful!!!!

I was back hiking in 7 days and was able to go on my backpacking trip through Glacier Natl Park that I had been planning for the past 8 months!!!!! Thank you so much again!!!!!

by Alvin Cabamungan on H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System
HEM Rehab is a lifesaver!

I got a minor sprain March 15th playing volleyball and went home to do RICE treatment. When I was icing my ankle, I saw a video of why we shouldn't do RICE treatment with sprains and that video led me to a video explanation of HEM Ankle Rehab.

I bought it right away and told myself, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a shot. I followed the procedure, and on my 3rd day, it is almost fully healed!

HEM Rehab is a lifesaver! I wish I would have known about it when I had my very first ankle sprain last year!

I won't be refunding my money back because it is worth the price and will continue to do the Prehabs for strength!

Great job Scott Malin for a great product!

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