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Heal a Sprained Ankle
H.E.M. Ankle Rehab combines simplicity with the most current research to naturally eliminate inflammation quickly. Use H.E.M. with confidence to improve recovery times from a sprained ankle.
Greg Shaible
- DPT (Licensed Physical Therapist), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

H.E.M. Ankle Rehab

The best sprained ankle treatment to FULLY heal an ankle sprain FAST (3-7 days) at home in 3 simple steps. Works for all sprained ankles & no equipment needed.

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Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation

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    Sprained Ankle Treatment HEM Sprained Ankle Rehab Scott Malin

Did you know that 30% of people who rest, ice and wait for their ankle to try and heal itself still have ANKLE PAIN 1 YEAR LATER! Margo KL (December 2008). Evid Based Med 13 (6): 187.

Best case scenario, you will be in pain for 1 – 2 months and your ankle will heal badly …

That means weak & stiff ankles, residual pain, decreased athletic performance, a high risk of more ankle sprains, and reliance on ankle braces which increases the risk of knee, hip and low back injury, etc…

Start healing with H.E.M. Ankle Rehab and you will see results in just a few days… and the benefits will last for years.

    Sprained Ankle Treatment

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    HEM was helpful

    by Michael Friebe

    Hello Scott,
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    Definite reduction in swelling

    by Alex Massey

    I have now been following your program for two weeks, and I have to say I have noticed a reduction in swelling, increase in movement and no real pain anymore. So thanks!...
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    worked great

    by Jane Burke

    Yes, the treatment worked great. Thanks for re-educating me. I am spreading the word....
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    Thanks so much for this program

    by Kim Cayzer

    I sprained my ankle doing a 10k trail race in Hawaii on 2 Dec. It was a class II sprain. Not such a bad thing except I had a marathon to run 7 days later! I had been training hard for this marathon and really wanted to complete it and do well. Everyone was skeptical and kept telling me I ...
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    H.E.M. really did help a lot!!!

    by Katie Skudlarczyk

    My son's ankle healed up very nicely especially with your help. He is getting physical therapy now to start to strengthen his ankle and continuing to have him do the exercises you recommended as well. Thanks SO much, H.E.M. really did help a lot!!!...
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    It Works!

    by Tiarra Shaw

    My daughter got a grade 2 sprain during a softball game. We went to the E.R. and she got a aircast and crutches and was told to use the R.I.C.E. principle. Well her season had just started and she was very upset that she would more than likely have to miss her season. I found this program online and ...
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    Great System

    by Vanessa

    I sprained my ankle badly a few days ago getting off my small trampoline - I really hurt it, I could hear a ripping, tearing crunch noise when it happened and I almost fainted from the pain after.
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    I can't believe it!

    by Kathy

    Wow, thank you so much for publishing this system! I have sprained my ankle a few times (of course, always the same one) and being a runner, it is devastating to me to get this injury and not be able to run for sometime. I came across your system after searching the web on how I could heal my ...
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    by Brittany Manning

    Your program was fantastic. I was back rock climbing on a strong ankle weeks after my strain. Thanks so much!...
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