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H.E.M. Ankle Rehab heals a sprained ankle FAST (3-7 days instead of 1-2 months) AND significantly lowers the risk of future sprains. Works for weak ankles and old injuries too. No equipment needed.

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Sprained Ankle Treatment
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Heal a Sprained Ankle

H.E.M. Ankle Rehab combines simplicity with the most current research to naturally eliminate inflammation quickly. Use H.E.M. with confidence to improve recovery times from a sprained ankle.
Greg Shaible
- DPT (Licensed Physical Therapist), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Dynamics of Motion

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    3 Revolutionary Steps to Heal your Ankle Completely

    Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation
    sprained ankles
    ankle sprain
    REST & ICE

    • Reduced pain in 1 - 2 months, minimum

    • 30% of people still have pain 1 year later*

    • Will NOT heal old injuries or weak ankles

    • Ankles STAY weak, stiff, and unstable

  • • Decreased athletic performance

    • Ankle re-injury risk: HIGH


    • Pain Free in 3 - 7 DAYS

    • Complete rehab & prehab system in 3 easy steps

    • Heals old injuries & weak ankles

    • Ankles WILL be strong, stable and have healthy range of motion

    • Significantly increased athletic performance

    • Ankle re-injury risk: LOW

    Physical Therapy
    $500 - $1000

    • Pain Free in 1 - 8 weeks

    • Must visit regularly for good results

    • May help heal old injuries & weak ankles

    • Ankles MAY become strong, stable, and have healthy range of motion

    • May increase athletic performance

    • Ankle re-injury risk: LOW


    *Margo KL (December 2008). Evid Based Med 13 (6): 187.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Instant access to the Complete H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System... All the Step by Step Videos & the full color eBook. Plus, get Scott's Dynamics of Motion Workout System as a FREE GIFT.


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Recent Customer Reviews


Extremely helpful

by JT

Your program did wonders for my daughter a year plus back and I have referred it liberally since!!...
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Unbeatable service and product

by Ashley Whitman

Thank you so incredibly much! Your customer service is unbeatable, as is the product!...
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Amazing program!!!!

by Monique

I sprained my ankle badly, level 2, 4 days before a huge concert, and I mean HUGE. Madison square gardens huge with a well known entertainer. Now as a professional musician, I was devastated, thinking I'd have to give up the gig because I couldn't walk AND I was on vacation far away from home which ...
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Game Changer!

by Jonandre

Before discovering your Ebook I was kicking it old school with R.I.C.E. (pun intended) and having frustrating results . Then I tried H.E.M. And the game changed . I started seeing and feeling results within just a few days. Then within 2 months I was back on my feet 100% with no pain walking around ...
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Works like a Charm!!!

by Kelly

I have sprained my ankles many many times in my life and have never returned to walking normally as fast as I did by using H.E.M. Ankle Rehab. When I started the program I was skeptical because of how easy it really was to follow, but within 4 days I was walking pain free!!! I am still using the ...
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Back to training after 7 Days!

by Ralph Goetz

My daughter stopped using crutches after 2 days of treatment and after 7 days was back to her full training routine, going on to win 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in nationals.
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Great results

by Brant Myers

We were back on the field within the week. We had great results and appreciate the help....
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Wonderful Protocol!!

by Miriam Austin

Hi, Scott -- Quick note to let you know that I think the HEM program is terrific. My ankle is much better and I have recommended your program to many, many people. Thanks again for your wonderful protocol!!...
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Still pain free and Ankle Strong thanks to your HEM ANKLE REHAB METHOD.

by Terri Bell

I was on vacation and during the early morning hours when it was dark I was packing my bags. I walked down the concrete porch stairs and was convinced I had reached the last step...but my judgement was off and I stepped off onto my right angle onto the concrete patio missing one step...all my weight ...
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Great Success

by Linda

I had a severe spain. The Hem Ankle Rehab System has help speed my recovery and has assisted in recovering my flexibility in the ankle...
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Walking fine after 4 days

by Dean Lambert

Ok so i am a natural born Skeptic. and i have had ankle problems my entire life, i played soccer, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, wrestled, judo and boxing and have ALWAYS had ankle problems. i hurt my ankle 5 days ago and was laid up for the first 3-4 days. i decided why not spend 30 bucks ...
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by Coach Jeff Teed

These videos and they are amazing! Wish I had these techniques when I played football and before the Army decided I needed to rebuild it...
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