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Heal a Sprained Ankle


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Best Sprained Ankle Treatment


Many people mistakenly think that rest and ice will heal a sprained ankle. But, scientific research confirms this actually “freezes” the ankle, keeping it weak and unstable and 30% still have pain 1 year later.

H.E.M. Ankle Rehab combines the 3 BEST, scientifically proven techniques to FULLY heal an ankle sprain FAST. H.E.M. works for all sprains, requires NO equipment and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Ankle Sprain Research


The 3 Steps of H.E.M. Ankle Rehab are based off years of research and study of the body’s natural healing process. H.E.M. boosts the immune and lymphatic systems to significantly improve the speed and quality of the healing process. Learn more below…

Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation


Significantly increase the flow of powerful immune cells and essential nutrients while removing harmful waste.


Break up harmful scar tissue and eliminate debris and swelling in the ankle safely, effectively and quickly.


Dramatically improve strength, stability and healthy range of motion in the ankle for a safe and full recovery.


Heal a Sprained Ankle Faster

Ice gives you short term pain relief, but recent studies show that ice STOPS & REVERSES the body’s natural healing response.

“It now appears that both ice and complete rest may delay healing, instead of helping.”

– Gabe Mirkin, MD, Creator of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)

“Do you honestly believe that your body’s natural inflammatory response is a mistake?”

– Dr. Nick DiNubile, Editor in Chief of The Physician And Sports Medicine Journal

Rest & Ice

• Reduced pain in 1 – 2 months, minimum

• 30% of people still have pain 1 year later*

• Will NOT heal old injuries or weak ankles

• Ankles STAY weak, stiff, and unstable

• Decreased athletic performance

• Ankle re-injury risk: HIGH

*Margo KL (December 2008). Evid Based Med 13 (6): 187.



• Pain Free in 3 – 7 DAYS

• Complete rehab & prehab system in 3 easy steps

• Heals old injuries & weak ankles

• Ankles WILL be strong, stable and have healthy range of motion

• Significantly increased athletic performance

• Ankle re-injury risk: LOW


Physical Therapy
$500 – $1000

• Pain Free in 1 – 8 weeks

• Must visit regularly for good results

• May help heal old injuries & weak ankles

• Ankles MAY become strong, stable, and have healthy range of motion

• May increase athletic performance

• Ankle re-injury risk: LOW


Dynamics of Motion


The BEST way to FULLY Heal a Sprained Ankle FAST



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    Investing In a Healthy Body

    by Michael

    The rehab surprised me, I did not think I was going to get the results I did in such a short amount of time for only 30 dollars. I had a grade 1 sprain on the inside of my foot and with the H.E.M ...
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    Wedding trouble

    by Carla Simmons

    9 days before our wedding I twisted my ankle in a bad way when I stepped into a hole in a meadow. I could not walk anymore and it was very swollen. I was in a panic. I had broken my other ankle 4 ...
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    Thank you. Thank you.

    by Kimberly G, Ontario, Canada

    My daughter sprained her ankle very badly at school two weeks before her dance studios first competition for 2008. Post x-rays, the doctor did not feel that she would be able to be able to dance at ...
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    In 4 days my ankle is almost healed!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

    by Stephanie

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book! I sprained my ankle on Monday, I was running up the steps to get my son,tripped and fell. My foot wet top side down at an angle and my butt came crashing ...
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    I highly recommend it.

    by Barbara Cheney

    This program has helped me in only a few days after suffering a level 3 sprain on June 7th. I highly recommend it....
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    A great help

    by Oli Saunders

    H.E.M. was a really great help. Had ideas in it I would never have come up with. The book was for my other half who sprained her ankle on day 5 of a 17 day snowboarding trip. As we had gone all the ...
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    by John Harland III

    Ok, here is the deal. This system is amazing! I am a martial arts practitioner and have had my share of joint twists and turns. However, I am residential home inspector, my ankle injury occurred while ...
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    A Miracle Cure ?

    by Karla

    My 12-year old has roller her ankle many times before, and every time the recovery period has been 6-8 weeks, using all the traditional methods.
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    Helped a lot

    by M Wright

    Purchased for my son who plays college basketball... Was a level 3 sprain... Still a little sore at base of Achilles but making good progress. He really felt the program helped a lot. Thanks!...
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    HEM Ankle Rehab is the only thing that has helped

    by Sylvie Ballard

    My rehab has been painfully slow as the injury was caused by post operative problems not an ankle sprain BUT your rehab system has been the only thing that has helped! I would recommend your system ...
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    thank you for the H.E.M programme

    by David Hallinan

    I would like to thank you for the H.E.M programme. I sprained my ankle running in the woods Sunday 11th April 2010. This was a bad sprain with swelling down to my toes and up to half way between ankle ...
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    Thank you very much

    by Satu J

    Thank you very much for putting such great ebooks out there! I discovered you two years ago when I sprained my ankle. I bought the HEM book, followed the program and I have not had ANY sprains after ...
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